Laboratorio Brutto is a creative studio born from the union of Laboratorio and Brutto Studio
Laboratorio is a gathering point for individuals who are passionate about the way they live.

An out of the box attitude to enjoy and share the places we inhabit in a special way.

Brutto means "ugly" in Italian and is perhaps the adjective we hear most during a day. Ugly is relative. It exists only because beauty exists, but it is relative.

For us what is beautiful is ugly and what is ugly is beautiful.

Although Laboratorio Brutto is just born, we have 15 years of experience, working on over 200 projects around the world, ranging from commercial design, furniture, events, exhibition photography, branding identity, illustration and much more.

We simply love our job and have fun doing it, and that's why our approach is clear and powerful.

Marco Oggian
Design / Art

Samuel Canay Graphic Design / Art

Gutier De la Torre Architecture

Diego Fernandez

Our services:

︎︎︎Interior design
︎︎︎Furniture design
︎︎︎Product design
︎︎︎360 Art direction
︎︎︎Creative direction

A Coruña, Spain
Available 11am-8pm, Monday-Friday

Laveno, Italy
By appointment only 

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